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When your friend gets last-minute Cubs tickets or finds “the best deep-dish pizza in all of Chicago,” you’ll be ready to grab your keys and go – if you have your driver’s license or motorcycle classification. The first step is to pass a written knowledge test. (If you’re interested in driving cars, you’ll have to obtain an instruction permit if you’re under 18; otherwise, it’ll be optional. If your goal is to ride motorcycles, you may take a knowledge test either at a Driver Services Facility or as part of an approved motorcycle rider education course.) Whichever type of motor vehicle you wish to operate, whichever knowledge tests you need to pass, we’ve pulled some things together to help you out! Below, you can find the official handbooks to study and a variety of practice tests to take. The questions on our practice tests resemble those on the official knowledge tests, so you’ll learn what to expect on the official tests.

Refineries all over the state of Illinois means that there is a lucrative career in hauling refined oil. If this, or any of the other careers that require an Illinois commercial driver’s license (CDL) in the Prairie State interest you, you’ll want to be prepared for the exam. Luckily we have everything covered from fees to cheat sheets and questions to make sure that you are fully ready to pass on your first visit. The license application is $50 with endorsements like passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal Skills being an additional $5 each. A bus driver permit is another $4. Exams for Class A vehicles include 70 questions and a skill test. There are also skill tests and questions for each endorsement. Know what they will ask and what they will ask you with our help. Start preparing today!

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Illinois Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my IL Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age should I be in order to apply for a learner’s permit in Illinois?

    You should be at least 15 before applying for your Illinois learner’s permit.
  • What documents should I have when I go to apply for my license in Illinois?

    Here’s a full list of acceptable documents. You will need to provide:
    • Proof of Legal Name
    • Social Security Number
    • Proof of Birth
    • Proof of Residency
    • Proof of Written Signature
  • Where do I go to apply for a driver’s license in Illinois?

    Go to your nearest Secretary of State office. Find one near you here.
  • How do I contact my nearest Illinois SOS office?

    You may call 888-261-5238. Here’s a list of each office location.
  • Who should bring me for my knowledge test in Illinois?

    If you’re under 18, it’d be best for your parents to bring you.
  • Does Illinois require a physical in order to get a license?

    You are not required to get a physical, however, you must file a medical report form filled out by your doctor if you have a medical or mental condition.
  • Will I need a vision test when I go for my Illinois driver’s license?

    Yes. You must pass a vision test. You may also submit a vision specialist report filled out by your optometrist, ophthalmologist or physician.
  • Where do I go to get my driver’s license picture taken?

    Your picture will be taken at the SOS office the same day.
  • What’s the next step after I apply for my Illinois permit?

    Once you’ve gotten your permit, it’s time to practice. If you are under 18, you should be working on completing your driver’s education course. Also, you should be getting 50 hours of behind the wheel training with 10 of those hours being at night.
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"I really want to express my appreciation. The practice test questions helped me prepare my mind. I was confident after I took the marathon test especially. I recommend anyone who would like to take the test to visit this site. You are sure to pass a 100%. Yaay..."

Nneka W., Chicago, Illinois

"I have gone through all the practice tests and I passed the written test with ease in 15 min and 97% score. I really appreciate the efforts by this team to bring such useful material. If one can go thru these tests, there is no chance that he/she cannot clear the main written test. "

Ramesh Reddy, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

"This site was a big help and the most important part of preparing for my written exam. Because the practice tests covered more than the study questions at the end of each chapter in the Rules of the Road, it made studying and taking my test simple and easy. If you can pass the tests on here without having to look up and think about each question then the written test won’t be the least bit challenging. Many of the questions on the written exam were the same as in the practice tests, just worded differently."

Frederick G., Aurora, Illinois

"This resource is great! I fell in love with the user interface - which sets it apart from other free test sites. Did my written test yesterday and got a perfect score! A good number of the questions I was asked came from this site. Thank You!!! You're the best!"

Adedayo S., Joliet, IL

"This site is perfect for studying! I didn't even look at the Rules of the Road book and I passed with a 98%! I was skeptical, but trust me. These questions are almost exactly like the ones on the test! If you read the questions on the permit test carefully, you will see how similar they are! I am recommending this site to all of my friends. Good job!"

Jillian G., Rockford, IL

"I've been studying off of this website for a week now and just took my permit test today. At first I was really nervous until I got the actual test it was so simple! I passed getting none wrong! All you basically need to study is the signs (a majority of them are self-explanatory) the lines/pavements on streets (dotted, straight, colors) who has the right of way?, and the rest is pretty much common sense."

Lily A., Naperville, IL

"I’ve never liked driving, it’s just not my interest so when I moved to the US I have to learn it because it’s a necessity. I passed my permit test at first attempt. Scored 90% wooot! Thanks to this website I’m now a step closer to getting my license."

Michelle Mazo, IL

"There's a lot of information in the driver's manuals, but the tests here really helped to demonstrate how the real tests presented the material and on what concepts they concentrate. I passed both the standard and motorcycle written tests with only one wrong answer each. Thank you,!"

Steven P, IL

"I passed with 100% on written test! I read the book and did the practice tests here.. Some of the questions are similar to the point that I don't have to read the questions since I already know the answers. This helped me a lot. I'll recommend this to my friends. Thanks for this awesome website guys!"

Eunice Gozo, IL

"Took all of your practice tests before going to the DMV and scored 100% on the final exam. This website is a real blessing. Thanks!!"

Frank S, Illinois

"Great website!!!! Passed my test!!! Thnx to this site. The majority of the questions on my test came from the practice test questions. Highly recommend you practice on this site."

A.S., Illinois
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